Install v4l4j debian - ubuntu

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v4l4j is made of four Debian packages:

libv4l4j-java contains the core v4l4j Java packages and the associated JNI library,
libvideo contains an abstractionof the Video4Linux API and is required by libv4l4j-java,
libv4l4j-java-doc contains the JavaDoc of the v4l4j API (installed in/usr/share/doc/libv4l4j-java-doc/api),
libv4l4j-bin contains Desktop shortcut and icons to launch a GUI application to control video devices and view video streams.

You must install at leastlibvideo0 and libv4l4j-java . The JAR package is installed in /usr/lib/java/v4l4j.jar and the JNI library is in /usr/lib/jni/ .

Starting with version0.8.8, the Debian packages only support Lucid and subsequent releases. You have two options:

Add v4l4j's APT repository and let apt-get install v4l4j and handle itsdependencies
Manually download the v4l4j packages, install the dependencies followed by the v4l4j packages,

APT repository

Add the v4l4j APT repositorywith

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gillesg/ppa

Install libv4l4j-java with:

sudo apt-get udpate
sudo apt-get install libv4l4j-java


The latest packages are available on the Downloads tab.

Download the latest versions of libvideo0 and libv4l4j-java. You need at least these two packages.Run the following (I assume you have already installed a JRE 6):

sudo apt-get install libjpeg62
sudo dpkg -i libvideo0_XXX.deb libv4l4j-java_XXX.deb(Replace XXX with the right version info)

To install libv4l4j-bin, use:

sudo apt-get install jarwrapper realpath
sudo dpkg -i libv4l4j-bin_XXX.deb
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