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  • Publicado : 22 de diciembre de 2011
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Aesculap Endoscopic Technology
Endoscopic vascular surgery in the pelvic region

Aesculap Competence Endoscopic vascular surgery in the pelvic region


Design follows challenge

The future does not choose the easiest path The introduction of the laparoscopic cholecystectomy in 1987 was greeted as a surgical revolution. Now, endoscopic techniques have also entered the previouslyuntouched field of vascular surgery. In addition to endoluminal procedures, interventions are today being performed on the peripheral and central vascular system using videoendoscopic surgical techniques. The main procedures are aortoiliac bypass operations in occlusive arterial disease and aortic aneurysm resections. Conventional implantation of an aortofemoral or aortabiiliac graft can give rise tomassive operative trauma and typical postoperative complications such as a high level of pain, caused for example by impairment of the intestinal motor response as a result of the transperitoneal access to the aorta and the iliac artery, as well as pain-related restriction of respiration.

The protection principle The concept of using a video-endoscopic extraperitoneal surgical technique to treataortoiliac occlusive diseases helps to avoid these problems. The minimal tissue traumatisation shortens the period of convalescence and postoperative hospitalisation. Endoscopic vascular surgery offers many possibilities, principally that of the aortobifemoral bypass with patchplasty and direct suture on the iliac vessels, including endoscopic implantation of a bifurcation graft. Advancing thefrontiers of surgery naturally requires new instrumentation to attain the best possible results in terms of surgical efficiency and patient safety. Aesculap’s wide range of indication-related instruments is the perfect response to the demands of modern endoscopic vascular surgery.


Aesculap Competence Endoscopic vascular surgery in the pelvic region


Design follows challengeDemand does not create design The basic concept in the laparoscopic approach to the vascular system is to use the conventional surgical technique to a very great extent. This is the background against which Aesculap has developed a special range of basic endoscopic instrumentation, consisting of specialised hollow shaft instruments, special temporary vascular clips and clip applicators, based on itssuccessful range of vascular surgical instruments. Initial attempts demonstrated the problem of an action radius within the abdomen that was too small to perform a differentiated reconstruction technique. Thus it was that optimally designed instruments working in perfect harmony with each other became the precondition for advanced video-endoscopic vascular surgery. Set and match? The Aesculap MajorVascular Set has been specially developed as the basic instrumentation for aortoiliac surgery assisted by videoendoscopy. The surgeon is provided with the instruments already familiar from the conventional operating technique, but modified to satisfy the specific requirements of laparoscopy. They are characterised by ergonomically improved transmission of the wrist movements. Among other items,the instrument set includes aortic and iliac vascular clips, adapted needle holders, special scissors, removable vascular clips and vessel spatulas. In addition, the set contains specialised components for laparoscopic surgery, such as locking handles for safe vascular occlusion, low-volume vascular suction and special laparoscopic needle holders to make vascular sutures much easier to perform. Theminimally invasive vascular instrument set provides the ideal supplement to Aesculap’s regular, advanced laparoscopy instruments, and makes it possible to conduct procedures such as totally laparoscopic aortic aneurysm resection or laparoscopically assisted endovascular stenting efficiently as well as video-assisted minilaparotomy.

The end result is a modern set of instruments that allows the...
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