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Escola Politècnica Superior d’Edificació de Barcelona (EPSEB) Departament de Matemàtica Aplicada I Assignatura: ESTADÍSTICA APLICADA Curs: 2011-12, Segon Quadrimestre

Integrated Project (IP)Introduction to the IP
The Integrated Project (IP) consists of three parts. In order to complete the IP you will need to use the MTW files located in the folder R:\estadistica\PI11122 of the ComputerCentre (Computer room of the EPSEB) or in the Digital Campus.

Framework for the IP
Each part of the IP refers to problems that a hypothetical large corporate in the construction industry mightface. The student is expected to resolve each of these problems by using the statistical tools developed both in the theoretical classes as well as in the lab sessions using the Minitab software.Part I: Descriptive statistics, correlation and linear regression
The files OfertaNovaConstruccio_000.MTW and PreusNovaConstruccio_000.MTW contain data about the evolution of supply and average price(EUR/sq m) of new housing in cities in Catalonia between the years 1996 and 2001. The file Cens2001.MTW contains the number of inhabitants in the 32 cities considered above. a. For each of the 32cities, find the annual average of new housing supply for the period 1996-2001 and order the cities accordingly. Do the same but considering the prices instead. b. Calculate the number of new houses foreach province during the period 19962001 and represent it using a bar chart. c. Using the file Cens2001.MTW separate the cities under consideration in two groups according to whether their populationis above or below 100,000 inhabitants. Sort these two lists by the number of inhabitants. In 1999 was a house in a city with more than 100,000 inhabitants cheaper or more expensive than a house in acity with fewer inhabitants. Can we state that the prices were close? d. From all the statistics available in Minitab select those which have been explained in class and classify them: average or...
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