International bussines in a global economy

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  • Publicado : 15 de octubre de 2010
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This text in general seeks to dispel and give a general idea about IB and aspects that are fundamental fields of the academic study for everyone who wants to know about IB. First It talks about mythsthat have involved the idea of IB such as forefathers of this science where the author denies the idea of the beginning of the field with Hymer (1960) finding out scholars such as Edith Penrose(1959) who gives key contribution regarding multinational enterprises. Another paradigm which is dispealed in this article is the idea about economics as the core foundation and only discipline of IB, theargument which supports this statement is the oversimplification and assumptions that are used taken in economics. A last but not least important myth treaty talks about IB as a multinationalstructure where an important amount of firms don't bear in mind the idea of a balance between transnational and local adaptation, this trouble is founded in both ways, firms that focus their management ininternational or global knowledge sacrificing the local market and firms that practice local ways to run their business in a global market.

A second topic to talk about focus their attention inmentioning the advantages and benefits gained by using IB in a corporative environment, between a bunch of ideas treated It’s well worth touch on the competitive environment of IB where their main “rivals”may be International economics which is focused in international trade and investment – never less to remember the definition of IB as an “integrative field whose competitive advantage and added valuelie in the synergetic combination of global and local knowledge that is unavailable to not imitable by its major competitors…” (Bussines, 2004) – Another science is political economy which is not thecore of IB but a part of It. Regarding IB core competencies It’s seemingly logical to see how IB combines IB commerce with knowhow and series of academic fields such as international institutions,...