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  • Publicado : 16 de marzo de 2011
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 If you were asked to send one thing representing your country to an international exhibition, what would you choose?
The things that a country must be showing are everything that represents itsroots only by seeing it. These roots include music, languages and even the race and religion. I would choose a “sombrero vueltiao” (folkloric hat), because it represents our original culture, theCaribbean weather and exhibits the charisma of our people.
The culture is the most important attribute that a country has; it´s the column that sustain the identity. It’s a unique characteristic thatmakes every country different. The culture describes how the country is inside, describes its people, the flag and the hymn, its manners and even its weaknesses and strengths as a society. Culture is thebiggest root of a country, the only way how the other countries recognize it as a unique part of this big puzzle calls Planet Earth. My country has a culture that lives in the music and in the soulsof every Colombian. The world recognize us because our hospitality and charisma with the foreign people. We always feel proud what Colombia has, and we always want to show that our country is a niceplace. The events that the international news has shown are part true and part lie. That positivism and warmness is our culture, a culture that makes us stronger and different from everyone else.
Inaddition, Colombia has every kind of weather and precipitations, making its lands so fertile that everything grows from it. However, Colombia is not famous for being fertile, it’s famous because theCaribbean culture from the north. People of this region are always having fun and living the life with a unique style. That crates on the foreign people certain feelings that makes them stay and fall inlove of our country.
Besides, charming is the result of the 2 prior reasons, because we as Colombians are always proud of what we have and what we can achieve. Charming is the word that describes...
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