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Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is the buying and selling of products or services through electronic media such as internet and other computer networks between people and businesses, electronic commerce is used in businesses and called B2B.E1 businees to bussines or B2B is an enabler for these businesses evolve, B2B is the common feature based on long-term relationships thatgo beyond the people involved. From the point of view of the changing environment must understand that e-commerce as a business response to three major trends: the globalization of markets and resources access, personalization of consumption and internal and external convergence technologies.
This work will be divided into two parts, the first design a tourism web site under the programdreamweaver. It’s called, which it will implement the knowledge learned in class, this is a web site focused on selling a service, along with it we are trying to promote to the world the tourist destinations in Venezuela, specifically the islands. In the second part of the work, that be presented then ,we will be put into practice different marketing theories as a SWOT analysis,where we are studying all of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to the creation of a website promoting the Venezuela tourism, and PEST analysis which examine the political, economic, social and external technology involving tourism in this country, in this way trying to know the impact that would have in a future , and thus apply marketingstrategies in the internet for future projects.

1.1 Company Background

Venezuela born as an opportunity for development of tourism in Venezuela. This country located in South America has a very favorable geographical position, also it has different landscapes, a wide variety of flora and fauna and a tropical climate envied that allows to enjoy during all year of the fabulousexisting beaches. The idea of launching this services through online commerce (e-commerce) is to promote Venezuela tourism again owing in recent years becouse of political scenes no favorable ,the index of tourist has declined.

1.2 Company Profile
Venezuela is a tourism company in the Venezuelan National Market, its principal headquartered is in the Venezuelan capital Caracas; andopened its doors to the online trade by the purpose of through the new web 2.0 platform can be known internationally all the favorable landscapes and resources of this country.
This new company provides all the information of the most beautiful Venezuelan islands, to offer packages holiday, tours and we have a broad portfolio of products and services.

2.0 Strategic Internal Analysis
2.1 MissionStatement: Position as one of the most prestigious tourist company nationally and internationally, offering the best quality of service and thus characterized as an organization committed to quality, vanguard technology, with the lowest costs.
2.2 Vision statement: Our Vision statement is being one of the first tourism companies recognized for excellence in providing corporate and individualtravel services, seeking harmony between their own interests, those of customers and employees. Being a tourism business is profitable, efficient, dynamic, specialized and solid financially.
2.3 Values:
2.3.1 Leadership
We practice leadership based on trust, we recognize the value of each person and what this can generate, encourage participation, exchange of ideas and viewpoints. Our leadersencourage a work environment in which the dignity of the people, the joy of work and emotions are taken into account.
2.3.2 Integrity
We are committed to doing things right from the beginning, to be honest with our customers and transparent in managing our operations. Dynamic being proactive and acting flexibly, we anticipate and adapt to changes, we encourage and support teamwork, we approach...
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