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Ions are electrically charged particles that form from a gain or loss of one or more electrons. Ions with negative charge are called Anion and those with positive charge are called Cation. Ions arevery important to the human health through their assistance in maintaining homeostasis in the human body. The equation would not balance, if we talk about living things without ions. Therefore, withoutions, living things such as human would find it difficult to maintain his body functions. The following are some of the usefulness of ions to human’s health.
* Ions facilitate digestion of foodin the human digestive system
* Controlling the PH of blood
Potassium is a very significant body mineral, important to both cellular and electrical function. It is one of the main blood mineralscalled electrolytes, which means it carries a tiny electrical charge. Potassium is the primary positive ion found within the cells, where 98 percent of the 120 grams of potassium contained in the bodyis found. Also Potassium is helpful for maintain good blood pressure.
Functions of magnesium are really important for us. There are functions like: bone function, nerve and muscle relaxation andothers. About two thirds of all magnesium in our body is found in our bones. Researchers have discovered that bone magnesium has two very different roles to play in our health - to give the physicalstructure of the bone and to stay on the surface of the bone. This surface magnesium doesn't appear to be involved in the bone's structure, but instead acts as a storage site for magnesium which the bodycan draw upon in times of poor dietary supply. Magnesium regulates the body's nerve and muscle tone. In many nerve cells, magnesium serves as a chemical gate blocker - as long as there is enoughmagnesium around, calcium can't rush into the nerve cell and activate the nerve. The nerve is kept relaxed.
Calcium doesn’t only play a crucial role in bone development. Calcium works in conjunction...
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