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Population: 4.156.1194.156.119

The official languages are Irish (Gaeilge), language celta native, and English, which is described constitutionally like a secondary official language. To learnIrish is obligatory in education, but the English is widely predominant. The public signals are generally bilingual and also exist average nationals in Irish. The population pertaining to communities ofpredominantly Irish speech ( Gaeltacht) one is limited as soon as tens of thousands of people in isolated bags, mainly towards the western coast.

The climate is typically insular and of temperednature, as a result of the moderately humid ones winds of Atlantic component, avoiding the ends in the temperature differences that yes are present in other regions of similar latitude. Theprecipitations fall the year throughout, but in general they are light, particularly to the east of the country. The west of the country, nevertheless, tends to be more humid and prone to Atlantic storms,specially in the last months of autumn and of winter, that they from time to time bring destructive winds and most of precipitations in these areas, as well as snow and hail. The regions of the north ofGalway and the east of Mayo they have the greater amount of incidents of lightning registered annually (5 to 10 days per year).[44] The prolonged snowed ones are rare, and tend to be prisoners in Northhalf of the country. In some zones of the south and the southwest it does not snow from February of 1991.

Its capital is Dublín (in Irish: Átha Cliath dances and in English: Dublin). In the year 1949the Irish State was declared like Irish republic (in English Republic of Ireland, in Irish Poblacht na hÉireann).

Ireland it is a paradise for the lovers of the nature, seems as if it had beendesigned for those people whom they like activities outdoors. The landscapes they are incredible and diverse, reason why the possibilities of practicing activities also are extended.

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