It is crucial for women to develop a career before marriage.

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  • Publicado : 4 de mayo de 2011
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A couple of years ago, to finish high school was enough to apply for a reasonable job. But nowadays, life itself is demanding more of you, and in order to deal with this changing world, one must behungry for success to overcome these new challenges.

Women are made of strong stuff; we were born to overcome situations and deal with so many hard things at the same time, and remain standing allthe while. The world has opened its doors to these capabilities to be developed, because of this, women should strive to improve in each one of their traditional roles - women must have aspirations.From this viewpoint, education is a very important aspect. Today’s society values the role of an independent woman and to be independent you need a degree. However every woman is free to plan theirlife and find the right moment to go through with higher education. Women have the ability and capacity to study even if they are married.

To conclude, the important thing is to not sacrifice theother roles like being a wife and being mother for your profession. The charm of being an “integrated” woman is to cover every detail without neglecting any aspect of your life while maintaining full ofgoals and constant desire to improve.

In my opinion as I said women have the ability and capacity to study even if they are married to support my assumption I have two examples.

I have a friendshe is 30 years old she is divorced and she has 3 sons, she got pregnant at the age of fifteen and she get married with his boyfriend which was 18 years old; his husband hit her during 8 years thenshe left home and went to live with her parents, she hadn’t finish high school so she started to study when she finish high school she made a training to be a bank teller and then she started to studya degree something related to administration she didn’t receive help from his ex husband for many years I think that now he is giving her alimony but she is a very good worker, she is getting her...
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