Italia in the period of cold war

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Italy, 1945-1949 |
Foreign Policy : Italy had to cede its colonial possessions, the Dodecanese Islands (1945 British military administration, 1947 annexed by Greece), its outposts in Dalmatia, Fiumeand most of Istria (to Yugoslavia). The Territory of Trieste was separated from Italy, its future to be decided later by plebiscite. Venezia Giulia came briefly, later Trieste, under US militaryadministration.
A treaty with Austria was signed, granting special status to the region of South Tyrol, with its ethnic German population majority. Italy was given a Peace Treaty on February 10th 1947,which went into force later that year. Italy became a founding member of the Council of Europe in 1949; following Tito's break with Stalin, relations between Italy and Yugoslavia improved, despite theunsolved Trieste issue.
Italy, 1949-1969 |
Foreign Policy . Italy joined NATO in 1949. Somalia was returned to Italian administration, but gained independence in 1960. Italy joined the ECSC in1951, the EEC in 1957 as a founding member. In 1955, Italy was admitted as a full member of the United Nations.
When the UN called on her member states to come to the aid of South Korea ( Korean War),Italy sent a military hospital.
In 1954 Trieste A (i.e. the city) was reintegrated into Italy, while Triest B (the rural hinterland) was integrated into Yugoslavia ( Slovenia / Croatia.
The Treatyof Peace with Italy was a treaty signed in Paris on February 10, 1947, between the Italian Republic ("Repubblica Italiana") and the victorious powers of World War II, formally ending the hostilities.It came into general effect on September 15, 1947, The provisions of the treaty included:
* Transfer of the Adriatic islands of Cherso/Cres, Lussino/Lošinj, Lagosta/Lastovo and Pelagosa/Palagruža; ofIstria south of the river Quieto/Mirna; of the city of Fiume/Rijeka and what is now western Slovenia (west of the Black Sea - Adriatic watershed) to the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia;