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Interactive Oral: Controversial Issue.

Topic: Abortion in teen pregnancy.
Characters: Three adolescents named Damiana, Delfina and Constanza.

A: Hey girls! What are we doing tonight?
B: What’s up? I am going to pass on Blair’s party; I am not in the mood. I am gonna stay and watch a movie. Do you want to crash?
C: Yeah, absolutely! No problem, we’ll make you company, don’t worry.
A:Speak for yourself... I am going to party tonight and no one is going to stop me. This night is going to be CRAZY!
B: No one is stopping you. Go for your night.
C: I am stopping her. Just stay for tonight. Tomorrow we’ll go out and I promise your are going to have an amazing time.
A: Okaaay... What are we watching?
B: The only thing I have is Juno that suits you?
C: Yup, its good to me.
A: Ialready saw it and my mom was sooo annoying. She interrupted the movie every two seconds to ask me my opinion. What would I do in her place? It was like an interrogation. Yet I didn’t understand her. It was like she was expecting some kind of answer, which obviously I said the wrong thing. She got so mad.
B: What did you say that was so disturbing?
A: Basically that I supported teen abortion...B: Whaaat? How could you be in favour of that? It is a life we are talking about here.
C: Don’t you girls start fighting about it. Let’s just talk of it, like civilized people. No fighting, understood?
A: Sounds good to me. But just hear me out, I get so critized by my way of thinking. However I am not going to change my mind because people don’t agree with me. Somehow I think that abortion itsokay and acceptable in adolescents.
B: Don’t try to make it as it isn’t a big deal cause it really is and how I think things I can imagine something like that. It is not acceptable. Think it like this you are killing a child, a baby. He doesn’t deserve that. Although he isn’t born yet, it has life.
A: He is nothing, he isn’t yet formed. I may be cruel and you might take it bad, but he willruin your life. Your life as you know it is going to be gone. No more friends. No more partying. No more social life. Not even school. What kind of life is that?
C: Wait, you know me, and I am always kind of in the middle. But here I am going to take B’s side. Don’t take it on the baby. He has no reason to put up with your mistakes. If you hooked up and you got pregnant don’t put the blame on himbecause it’s your mistake.
A: Just try to understand me here. I like a lot the social life, and if I were in that situation I would do an abortion. Then when I am older and prepared, I will have another one. But I wouldn’t have an unplanned child.
B: I am so against it. I would rather give it into adoption. First, you are murdering someone and then do you know how much it affects you. Onceyou’ve done it you can’t go back. The thought of it will haunt you forever. I understand that the position is difficult, but I think that doing an abortion you are just making it harder.
C: If I were in that situation I would give it to another family. Yet, I guess I’ll have to evaluate it. It is very difficult to think what the right choice is. I think in that moment you are blinded by the opinions ofthe others. The legalization of abortion in the USA made women to think it is not a big deal. But it is also true that babies who are born in these conditions can suffer from physical and emotional complications.
A: Listen, I know you two will never think like I do, but I want to explain it. When you are a teenager you are not prepared for it. First of all, you don’t have the money to support achild and let me say you a large number of mothers ended up poor. Many of them have family issues. I mean, they don’t get support of their mother and neither of her fathers.
B: Yeeet! I do not see it as an excuse for abortion. Taking aside the ethics and all of that. The abortion can cause you long term consequences. Starting by bleeding, you may never get pregnant again. Is so much to take...
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