Jacob's story

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  • Publicado : 28 de noviembre de 2011
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Jacobs Story

The bible tells the story about a man who was very rich. His name was Jacob. He lived in the beautiful land of Canaan. Though he has everything, he had not been able to find truelove. He could have any woman he wanted but all of them were with him because of his richness. One day he decided to leave everything he had and go find true love. So he left his town and everythingbehind and started his journey. He traveled throughout the lands known at his time without finding what he was looking for. Jacob continued on his journey and came to the land of the eastern peoples calledPaddan Aram. There he saw a well in the open country, with three shepherds and three flocks of sheep lying near it because the flocks were watered from that well. There was a large stone over themouth of the well. When all the flocks were gathered there, the shepherds would roll the stone away from the well’s mouth and water the sheep. Then they would return the stone to its place over themouth of the well. So he approach to them and ask them for some water because he was thirsty and tired, but they did not help him. So, he sat on the stone that was on the well’s mouth and lifted his eyes.In the distance he looked to another shepherd who approached. It was a beautiful woman. The most beautiful woman he had ever seen. When he saw her he just fell in love with her. When she finally gotthere, she asked the other shepherds to remove the stone to water her sheep’s but they didn’t want to help her either. While they were still talking Jacob went over and rolled the stone away from themouth of the well him self and watered the women’s sheep’s. Then Jacob kissed her and asked her name. She said, “my name is Rachel” , So he went and took her to his house. Jacob stayed at Rachel’sFathers house for a month. The name of Rachel’s father was Laban. After that time, Jacob was in Love with Rachel, so he asked Laban to give him his daughter in marriage. Laban answered “Yes, I’ll give...
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