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Configure IHS 6.1 with SSL and WebSphere Application Server 6.1 Create a new directory to hold the key ring. a) Create the directory \ssl. 2) Open iKeyman in \bin a) Bring up IHS’s Ikeyman. This canbe done through either a command-line window or using Start —> Programs —> IBM HTTP Server 6.1 —> Start Key Management Utility. b) The command line can be executed from the \bin directory: ikeyman.bat1)

4) New

Create a key ring a) Create a new key ring by selecting Key Database File —>

b) Use type CMS, file name ihsKeyring.kdb and a location of \ssl. Click OK.


When promptedfor a password for the key ring, enter and confirm was1edu as the password. If desired, modify the expiration time. Check the “Stash the password to a file” check box. Click OK and OK again for theinformational box.


Create a new self-signed certificate. a) In Ikeyman, select Create —> New Self-Signed Certificate and enter

Example Key Label Common Name Organization Organization UnitLocality State/Province Zipcode

Description IHSCertificate Royal Cyber Inc. IBM WebSphere bolingbrook IL 60563


Click OK


Exit iKeyman

List the contents of the directory \ssl\ andverify that the following files were created: ihsKeyring.kdb ihsKeyring.sth ihsKeyring.crl ihsKeyring.rdb

Configure a Virtual Host on IHS for HTTPS
This section of the document modifies thehttpd.conf in order to define the required setting to enable SSL for IBM HTTP Server. This includes loading the SSL module, defining a listener port, defining a virtual host and enabling SSL. 1) Add yourdomain name to hosts file. a) Edit C:\Winnt\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts b) Add a line at the bottom of the hosts file for in our case it w2k3was61.rc.net and use your system’s IP address.

2)c) Save the file. Backup the httpd.conf. a) Since changes are about to be made to the httpd.conf, it would be a good idea to make a backup of it before starting. Copy the httpd.conf in \conf to...
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