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Bachelor of Naturopathic Sciences
Course Descriptions
This section is containing information about bachelor degree programs available throughout the University. Each article includes a description of the degree program, as well as information on skills acquired, coursework and a career overview. IHCUNMS121 Acupuncture / Oriental Medicine I 4 credits This course introduces the student to theprincipals, theories of diagnosis, and therapeutics of Oriental medicine. The clean needle technique is also reviewed. IHCUNMS221 Acupuncture / Oriental Medicine II 4 credits It provides training in the use of acupuncture in orthopedic conditions. IHCUNMS321 Acupuncture / Oriental Medicine III 4 credits This course includes training in traditional Chinese medical diagnosis, differentiation ofsyndromes, and principles of treatment with herbs and acupuncture. IHCUNMS421 Acupuncture / Oriental Medicine IV 4 credits Teaches meridians and points, includes labs and lectures, and introduces students to practical experience. IHCUNMS521 Acupuncture / Oriental Medicine V 4 credits A course concentrates on clinical case studies and clinical practicum. IHCUNMS122 Botanical Medicine I 4 credits BotanicalMedicine 122 outlines the uses of botanical and related substances for the healing process throughout man's history. IHCUNMS222 Botanical Medicine II 4 credits Botanical Medicine 222 explores pharmacognosy, procedures in harvesting and processing, interpretation of Latin nomenclature, and first aid therapeutic effects of botanical medicines. The biochemical constituent groups of botanicals arestudied, as to their use in naturopathic medicine.

IHCUNMS322 Botanical Medicine III 4 credits Botanical Medicine 322 continues the studies of botanicals as detoxifying, immune stimulating, buffering and rejuvenating agents. The effects of botanicals on external pollutants are discussed. IHCUNMS123 Business Practice 4 credits Business Practice presents the aspects of managing a naturopathicpractice. Included are strategic planning, marketing, public relations, accounting, budgeting, conflict resolution, supervising employees, and staff relations. IHCUNMS124 Homeopathy I 4 credits Homeopathy 124 uses the repertory, prioritization of symptoms and case taking to introduce the student to the history and practice of Homeopathic medicine. IHCUNMS224 Homeopathy II 4 credits Homeopathy 224studies acute prescribing, focusing on homeopathic remedies used in emergency situations. IHCUNMS324 Homeopathy III 4 credits Homeopathy 324 includes classical homeopathy, repertory, materia medica, and polycrests. IHCUNMS424 Homeopathy IV 4 credits Homeopathy 424 studies the relationship between the homeopathic remedies, botanical remedies, and combing the two in naturopathic therapeutic protocols.IHCUNMS125 Hydrotherapy 4 credits Hydrotherapy 125 teaches the historical and modern therapeutic practices that use water as a healing tool. This includes colonic therapy, constitutional hydrotherapy, and steam, alternating water temperature techniques and fasting. IHCULR102 Library/Research 4 credits Time is allotted for students to use the library facilities and tools for projects, writings, andresearch work, skills necessary to develop the resources available to the naturopathic practitioner.

IHCUNMS126 Medical Ethics / Jurisprudence 4 credits This course reviews the tenets that the naturopathic physician lives by. The course includes the role of the physician as teacher, role model and counselor. Also covered are the legal aspects of a medical practice, such as patientconfidentiality, "bed-side manner," informed consent, the Good Samaritan law, malpractice, political and legislative implications, and health practitioner ethics from around the world. IHCUNMS127 Minor Surgery 4 credits Minor Surgery covers the conditions that may be treated in-office, such as the principles, techniques, and patient management of office surgical procedures. The adjunctive naturopathic...
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