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Book report

1. Who is the author of this work?
R= Laura Bergen.
2. What is the title?
R= Confessions of a bitter secret Santa.
3. Is the title clear or obscure?
R= is clear becausewhen you are reading the title gives you that is about a secret gift at Christmas, in another words is a history of love with surprises.
4. What feelings and expectations does the title arouse?R= when I read the title gave me the feeling that it was a love story, mystery and friendship.
5. Who is the narrator?
R= There´s no narrator. We learn what happens through the charactersthoughts and trough their dialogues.
6. __________
7. What is the subject matter or contents?
R= the center of the story is about the activity of a secret friend, know each each other, and endwith a nice gift at Christmas time with a good goal. Besides a series of mysteries, fights, love affairs, research on a better gift and the guy who pretended to fall in love ...
8. What is thesetting?
R= at school.
9. Is there a climax and anticlimax?
R= The climax was when the class take out the papers to know who was the secret Santa. And the anticlimax was when Noel finds out that’sher secret Santa was the boy that she has a crush on.
10. Who are the main characters? What is their function? What is the characters social status?
* Noel: was the lead actress in history whomanaged to arrange to play the guy who liked.
* Colin: was one of the friends of Noel who was with her at all times
* Tallula: Noel enemy and her friends
* Olivia: another great friend ofNoel.
* Nick: The boy who liked Noel.
* Mrs balley: the teacher who puts the activities of secret friends.
* Layla: Friend of Tallula.
** Status high**
11. Is there any hero/ heroine?R= No.
12. _________
13. What are de physical and moral features of the characters?
R= All the characters showed moral education to their activities, but in everyday life there is always...
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