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good morning ladies.
do you want me to read your ____________?
no, thank you, madame mini. i don´t____________ in it, but my friend Lucy does. Besides, I know what I will do With my life. I_____________ a famous actress and __________ to make a lot money.
luky: Oh, but Ido. I ________ to know all about my __________. could you tell me?
of course, miss. I know everything. let me see ourhand, please.
mmmm... I see you will have a very long ________. you see here? this is your life ____________ and it is very long.
but it is not a ____________ line. what does it mean?
yes. there is an___________ here. It means you will have a serious illness or an accident. but, as you can see the line does continue, so it means you ___________.
will lucy be an architect? she _____________ todesingmany houses. famous architect one day.
what about my love life? do you see me getting married? I really __________ to _________ and have children.
let´s see. there is someone in your _________and you will definitely have three children.
oh ! I _______________ paul will finally _____________ to you tonight. and this paul is not ____________ either.
he´s ________ to be a doctor, no?well, he has an important test tomorrow and he must prepare for it.
how disapointing! I was____________ to see him!
but you will see him sonn. and now I must retire. I´ve seen many customers already.if i want to be __________ i need to rest.
well, i _____ to ride the roller coaster. we´d better go.
thank you, madame mimi, and good bye.

Buenos días, señoras.
Qué quieres leer ____________?no, gracias, mini señora. don't____________ i en ella, pero mi amiga Lucy hace. Además, sé lo que haré con mi vida. Yo _____________ una actriz famosa y __________ para hacer mucho dinero.
luky: Oh,pero Ido. Yo ________ saber todo sobre mi __________. ¿podría decirme?
Por supuesto, señorita. Lo sé todo. déjame ver nuestra mano, por favor.
mmmm ... Veo que tendrá una ________ muy largo. que...
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