Job vs money

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  • Publicado : 4 de mayo de 2011
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Even when most of the people believe that having a good job is related with the amount of money that you earn, I totally disagree, because I consider that there are more important points to beconsidered at the time for choosing a job.
First of all, I guess that the most important in a job is the path that you can have in your career, I mean, everybody decided to study or begin to do something,in order to do what they like to do, so it is logical to think that at the end you are expecting to work in something that makes you feel satisfaction. And obviously that this point has a terribleeffect in your life, it really affects your environment, just look the people who works in things that they dislike to do, most of the times they are stressed, and what happens with their lives, theyshow their angriness to their family and closest friends, and in this way they are losing an important part of their lives.
As a second point, I can add that is possible that a job offers you a lot ofmoney, but it does really offer you stability? If it doesn´t what do you have? Would you can be happy by not knowing how long are you going to have your job?, and the worst, how long are you goingto be without a job, because the last finished?, hence I will consider stability over the money.
The last but not least, it is the continuous development that at enterprise can offer you at the timeto hire you for a job, I am pretty sure that many people could choose first a company that offers a continuous training on what you d, that offers you courses to get deep your knowledge, and that makeyou face new challenges in order that makes you grow up, over a company that only offers you a good salary. With the first option, you know that every day you will be winning value in the market, soin a very near future you are going to improve your inputs, but in the other case, you are not going to get any promotion because you are just in the place that you began.
To conclude, I can say...
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