Jorge muñoz

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(Palmira, Valle del Cauca, Colombia, March 23rd /1964)
He’s a Bus driver, philanthropist, politic and Colombian migrant, raised in Pereira, Risaralda.Actually He’s located in New York, USA.
He migrated to the USA in the 80s, he had a lot of jobs, finally he became a bus driver, and he started to deliver food to poor people in Queens, New York.
He’salso called The Angel of Queens, the same name of his foundation “An Angel in Queens” It’s a nonprofit organization that gives food to poor people.
He was the “CNN Hero” and he was prize “Medal ofthe citizen” by the president Barack Obama.
He was a candidate to the “Camara de Representantes de Colombia” in 2010 to represent the Colombian people in the foreign for the “Movimiento MIRA”. He wasin second place.
Jorge Muñoz was born in 1965. His father died in traffic accident, soon Jorge Muñoz and his mother migrated to New York, USA to find a job and help his family in Colombia. Theyreceived the legal residency. Now gives food with his family to the poor people in his second job. He spend the half of his salary cooking this food and packing it to give it to the people in a corner ofQueens.

He takes food, every night, to the poor people in Queens, New York. He gets home at 5pm. All the food that will be taken to the poor is cooked in his home. Jorge’s family helps inthis task. Jorge goes to the same corner, where the people are waiting patiently. The people that Jorge feeds are growing fast. At the beginning were only 60 or 65 people, and then it was 140 and more.In 2002, Jorge estimated that he has given more than 70.000 dishes to the poor people, obviously for free.
He says it’s really happy to see all the people smiling when they receive their food.Because of that Jorge Muñoz received the title of CNN HERO.
He begun to do this job when he saw that many restaurants were wasting the resting food, he ask if they would give all that food to the poor...
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