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About Meez
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MeezMeez is the only online virtual playground for teens to create social and multimedia activities toshare with friends. Meez is a fast-growing, online community that combines a social virtual world with social networking, gaming, rich multimedia sharing and more. In this immersive, interactiveenvironment, users can express their personal taste by creating unique avatars and Meez Rooms styled with Meez's original fashions, virtual goods and today's hottest brands. Meez is where teens get to sharetheir own interests with one another, from fashion, music, videos and hobbies - nearly anything they love to do in real life - with friends, in a cool virtual hangout.
Virtual World — Meez Nation is animmersive virtual world, organized into various neighborhoods where teens can interact with other Meez users. Each 'hood contains different locales, public hangouts and custom-decorated Meez Roomswhere users can chat, share music, watch videos, perform in dance contests or just be Meez. Active Meez users watch one million videos per day and typically spend at least an hour per visit to thepopular Meez Nation.
Avatars — Meez core Avatar technology allows users to create a digital representation or identity that can be used throughout Meez Nation and exported to other social networks,virtual worlds, gaming sites, instant messaging platforms and mobile devices. Avatars can be customized with physical attributes, clothing, accessories, popular branded items and animations or actions.Coinz — Meez users can earn and spend virtual Coinz, the currency for Meez's virtual economy, to buy exclusive items such as clothing, hair styles, accessories, decorations for "Roomz," gifts for otherMeez users and more.
Games — Meez currently offers users 80+ web-based casual games to choose from, carefully selected for the Meez Nation. Providing game functionality is a natural extension of...
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