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  • Publicado : 8 de marzo de 2011
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1. Personal Data

Birth date: 25/07/1993
Place of Birth: Piedras negras Coahuila
Nationality: Mexican
Address: Laredo #312 col. INFONAVIT
Telephone: Home: 7834720 cell: 8787037098E-mail: Gilbertoflores@hotmail.com
Status: single.

2. Academic Education
| |School Attended |Dates|
|Secondary school |Abel Herrera Rodolfo |Ago.06-Ago.09 |
|High school|Plantel Piedras Negras |Ago.09-Ago.11 |

3. Other Certifications
I take a course of accounting and administration; I have a highknowledge of these 2. Another course to take was computation that learned everything related to Microsoft windows.

|Job Title/position |Company name|Dates worked |
|Seller of cars |Lot caves |June 08- Dec. 08.|

Reason left: studies.

5. Skills
They handle perfectly the computer and everything that has to do with accounting and administration. Also another thing that i got much isto be seller of any product, since that achievement trap to people.

6. School achievements
They gave me a diploma in the preparatory for being one of the students with better behavior and bettergrades.

7. Hobbies
In the computer, be with my girlfriend, exit to the disks, be with my family, leaving with my friends, hear music, and to turn in my cart

8. Why would you like to work forthis company?
because i am prepared for the post to give me, we all know that the economy this very badly, and as many person s to my also makes me lack the money, but what more i matter is that i...
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