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|advertising plan |A plan that specifies the thinking and tasks needed to conceive and implement an effective advertising |
| |effort.|
|advertising |A mathematical relationship based on marginal analysis that associates dollars spent on advertising and ||response function |sales generated; sometimes used to help establish an advertising budget. |
|brand switching |An advertising objective in which a campaign isdesigned to encourage customers to switch from their |
| |established brand. |
|build-upanalysis |A method of building up the expenditure levels of various tasks to help establish an advertising budget. |
|competitor |In an advertising plan, the section that discusses who thecompetitors are, outlining their strengths, |
|analysis |weaknesses, tendencies, and any threats they pose. |
|demographic|Situation in developing nations such as China, Brazil, and Mexico where falling labor costs, a younger and |
|dividend |healthier population, and the entry of millions of women into thework force produce a favorable climate for|
| |economic expansion. |
|ethnocentrism |Thetendency to view and value things from the perspective of one's own culture. |
|global agencies |Advertising agencies with a worldwide presence.|
|globalized |Advertising campaigns that use the same message and creative execution across all (or most) international |
|campaigns |markets....
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