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  • Publicado : 27 de octubre de 2010
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Health has always been a hot topic and this time a group of scientists quite literally opens the way for those who do not have the ability to walk bythemselves. Then I will give to know a great invention which promises to give mobility to people who can not walk

This is a dream come true for paralyzed people, an Exoeskeleton knownas eLegs.
It promises to walk again. This time, technology plays a positive way.
The eLegs is a sort of backpack with a controller that connects to a pair of robotic legs. Ithas four engines, two for the hips and one for each knee. The joint is the ankle is controlled by springs that manage to keep the foot at a right angle to walk. The sensors inthe legs is responsible for sending the position information to the control unit determining how they should work bend the joints and therefore like walking the team haslithium-cobalt can be operates without an external power source.
Currently the device is being prepared for clinical trials and is expected to reach the people as soon as possible.
Bythe time the company responsible for the exoskeleton, Berkley Bionics, is testing while in July or August next year, believe they are ready to offer it to hospitals and about in2013 expect to have ready an improved lighter and more functional for the ordinary consumer prices.
It is known that the device cost around $100,000


As we can seethe technology has no bounds and it is reaching levels that a lot of us had never been imagined, this is just one of the big steps that the technology will do, maybe we canexpect a cure for the current most dangerous diseases, can we know what will be the next step?. the fact is that we just have to wait to see what people can do to help each other
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