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Corea del Sur
Oficial Name: Republic of Korea
Location: is a country in East Asia. South Korea occupies the southern half of the Korean Peninsula, with North Korea to the north, China across thesea to the west and Japan a short ferry ride to the southeast.
Division: regions
| Gyeonggi
surrounding Seoul and covered in its urban sprawl |

| Gangwon
natural wonderland; SeoraksanNational Park, east-coast beaches and ski resorts. |

| North Chungcheong
landlocked province filled with mountains and national parks |

| South Chungcheong
central western part of thecountry. Flat area made up of rice paddies. Point where main train lines and highways converge. Notable Places: Daejeon, hot springs, Mt. Gyeryongsan. |

| North Gyeongsang
largest province andrichest area for historical and cultural sites. Notable places: Andong, Gyeongju and the islands of Ulleungdo. |

| South Gyeongsang
known for its gorgeous seaside cities and most respectedtemples. Notable Places: Busan, Haeinsa Temple. |

| North Jeolla
Great Korean food. |

| South Jeolla
Lots of beautiful small islands and landscape, fantastic food (especially seafood alongthe coast) and good for fishing. |

| Jeju
Korea's honeymoon island, built by a volcano. Great scenery with wild flowers and horseback riding. One of the few places you may need a car |Capital City: Seoul — the dynamic 600 year old capital of South Korea, a fusion of the ancient and modern
Main Cities:
Busan(부산,釜山) — the second largest city and a major port city of Korea.Daegu(대구,大邱) — a cosmopolitan city, rich with ancient traditions and sights
Daejeon(대전,大田) — a large and dynamic metropolis located in Chungnam province
Jeonju(전주,全州) — once the spiritual capital of the JoseonDynasty, now a leading center of the arts filled with museums, ancient buddhist temples, and historical monuments
Main exports: The major exports from Korea are cars (Kia), computer memory...
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