La bolsa mexicana de valores es para niños

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William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare is the most famous writer in the world.
He wrote many plays. William Shakespeare was born in
Stratford, in England, In 1564, over four hundred yearsago.
He came from a wealthy family but when he was fifteen,
William’s father lost all his money. William was not able to
stay on at school so he left and got a job. AT eighteen he
met and fellin love with Anne Hathaway. They got married
and soon started a family of their own.
At that time, theaters began to open in London. William
decided to move to London and soon found work as anactor. Actors often helped to write the plays as well as act
them. That was how William discovered that he was good at
At that time, England was a powerful country with a powerfulnavy. Explorers sailed round the world
and brought back stories of adventures and new discoveries. This gave William lots of ideas for his
plays. Queen Elizabeth loved music, poetry and plays.In fact, she liked William’s plays so much that
she asked him to write one special for her.
In those days the stage was in the middle and the audience stood all round it. If people didn’t likethe play, they threw things like rotten tomatoes at the actors! Luckily the crows loved William’s plays.
His plays were very exciting. They made people think about the right and the wrong waysto behave.
He wrote about important things like good and evil, love and hate.
Read the text about Shakespeare and complete the sentences.
1. If people ________________________ the play.
2.Theaters ________________________ to open in London.
3. William’s father ____________________________ his money.
4. He __________________________ many plays.
5. They_______________________________ people think about the right and the wrong.
6. Queen Elizabeth _______________________________ music, poetry and plays.
7. William _________________________________ able to stay on at school.
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