La caida de la casa de usher

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  • Publicado : 27 de agosto de 2012
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Start with the Bleak House of Usher. A sad, melancholy, desolate. Usher wrote a letter to his best friend mentioned that he suffered from acute physical illness and mental disorder, I was asked tovisit, so your company will help ease some of their evil. The man invited the family remembered for his artistic flair Usher and his charities. When it's a friend of Mr. Usher's servant opens the doorand lets in the presence of his master, the room where he is, he seems wide and high, due to the large windows, which were at a great distance from the ground, also came in low light and the darknessseen a lot of books and musical instruments in disarray and dark tapestries on the walls and rickety furniture. After a short time Mr. Usher greets his friend in an exaggerated way. However, thevisitor sees the physical condition of his friend, was like a skull. Equally impressed his friend much a rhapsody called by Mr. Usher "The Haunted Palace" which plays on the piano, because it bothers acuityof his senses, his ears only supported the gentle touch of the string instruments, the Rhapsody in six stanzas described as a beautiful palace was transformed into a dark place. One night, they learnof the death of Miss Madeline and Mr. Usher talks to his friend his desire to preserve his body for two weeks and asks for your help to bury his sister in a cold dark crypt. After the death of MissUsher can not sleep, begins to feel terror and panic in the evenings. Then I notice that his friend had spun his chair to the door and whispered softly, gently rocking back and forth, his face bentover his chest, continuous reading and suddenly heard a clear metallic echo and ran quickly to the chair and Usher was still there at the door with a stony look and approached asking if you do not hearthe noise, which Usher says yes, that for several days, but had not wanted to say anything, that actually had buried his sister alive and rising from his chair angrily yells that she is on the other...
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