La camisa de margarita

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Before analyzing the narrative by Ricardo Palma, you need to see the historical and geographical context for when Parsons was writing this story. Palma was in Peru and the geographic and historicenvironment covered all of Peru and ages ranging from pre-Columbian Incas to the days when he lived SOURCE Palma itself. The writers at this time demanded social and political reforms. The structure ofthe traditions vary a lot. People during this time included the whole range of social types. Because of this knowledge, the nature of the story was concerned. Within the story, one can see views ofPalma on the social classes. The story displays the tensions between the Peruvian and Spanish during this time.
There are four characters in that have value. Raymond, Margarita's father is proud oftheir city. He is the general collector of Callao and cares for her daughter. That very spoiled daughter called Margaret. Margarita is beautiful and has a pair of black eyes "were like two torpedoesloaded with dynamite explosion that made the soul on the heartstrings of the gallants of Lima." SOURCE This description of the eyes shows the influence of the Moors in this culture. During thenarrative, Margaret falls for Luis Alcazar. Luis is the nephew of a man named Honoré and he was in Spain. He was an "arrogant young man" SOURCE and had the fortune of his uncle until his death. Finally, theuncle of Luis Alcazar is Honorato, a man "rich, Aragon, rancid linajudo" and very proud of his money.
In this story, there is a double structure. At first mention that the shirt Palma de Margaritais famous for many languages and many people have heard the story of Margaret's shirt. Palma wants to tell this story and then the story of Margaret's shirt began. The outcome of this inner story iswhen Margaret brings his expensive shirt in the wedding and Luis Alcazar and Margarita have money then they do not have before because the shirt is worth a lot. Now, is that when people weigh the...
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