La carreta (ingles)

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• Chaguito: a mischievous adolescent, very street wise, who hates school and is extremely aggressive and disrespectful—he ends up arrested for theft.
• Doña Gabriela: a widow and motherof Chaguito and Juanita and stepmother of Luis; she has a strong character which is undermined during the transition to the city; she is bound by her role as mother and is very protective of theinsecure Luis by supporting his decision to move the family, thereby stifling her true feelings
• Juanita: the character who experiences the most development in her transition from a docile personality toa strong, politicized one; she challenges the traditional concept of honor and the double standard that obligates women, not men, to maintain the family honor, which she defies by becoming aprostitute; her political development comes as a result of witnessing the oppression of minority groups in New York City, especially through judicial inequalities
• Don Chago: Doña Gabriela’s widowed fatherwho is stubborn in his refusal to follow the family when it leaves the farm for the city; he symbolizes the strength of traditional values through his idealistic love of the land and his nostalgictreatment of the “old days”; he is very sensitive and intelligent with definite anti-government, anti-capitalistic, and anti-clerical tendencies; he stays behind to spend his remaining days in a cave anddies
• Luis: Doña Gabriela’s oldest “son” (he is actually the son of her husband and another woman) who assumes leadership of the family; his idealism takes the form of love of progress exemplifiedin machines and industry; he is completely assimilated into the mechanized world and is insensitive to his surroundings; he dies, ironically, from a freak accident at the factory
• Germana: a noseyneighbor on the farm who tries to marry her daughter off to Luis, to no avail
• Lito: a lively, happy-go-lucky boy who lives in the family’s neighborhood in San Juan
• Matilde: described as a plump...
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