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As queen of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra is one of the famous female rulers in history. Officially, she is known as Cleopatra VII—she was the seventh woman in her family to have the name.But she is the one that made the name famous. Her family had ruled Egypt for more than 100 years before she was born around 69 BC. One of her ancestors was Ptolemy, a Greek general who helped Alexanderthe Great conquered Egypt in 332 BC. Ptolemy became king of Egypt after Alexander’s death in 323 BC
The daughter of a king, Cleopatra learned how to govern by watching her father. She also learnedmany different languages so that she could communicate with the people of Egypt and those in other lands. After her father’s death, Cleopatra rose to power around 51 BC.
. With help from his advisors,Ptolemy was able to take control of the government and to force Cleopatra flee Egypt in 48 BC.
Cleopatra, however, would not give up the throne without a fight. To help win back her throne, she madefriends with Julius Caesar, the Roman ruler. Cleopatra was charming and smart, which made Caesar want to help her. Caesar helped Cleopatra regain power, which she again shared with anotherbrother-husband, Ptolemy XIV. But Cleopatra wanted to be with Julius Caesar. She was pregnant with their son, Caesarion. After Caesarion was born, Cleopatra and her son left Egypt for Rome in 46 BC to be withCaesar. Unfortunately, the relationship ended in tragedy when Caesar was assassinated some of his former friends in 44 BC.
After Caesar’s death, Cleopatra and her son returned to Egypt. She found a wayto make her son her co-ruler. (it is believed that she had her brother-husband killed.) A few years later, she met another Roman leader, Mark Antony, and soon started a relationship with him. Soon,she became pregnant and gave birth to twins: a son was named Alexander Helios and a daughter Cleopatra Selene. Antony returned to Rome and later married Octavia, the sister of another Roman leader,...
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