La dama de las camelias

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It was selected by the NASA in the Group 19 of 2004 for spatial activities.
As one of the four children of a family of migrant of the Mexican field was seen obliged to work in fruits harvestingworks and vegetables in California. In 2006 it obtained a doctorate honoris causes by the University of the Pacific. [1]
His motivation to be an astronaut occurred when he was found collectinggreenness in Stockton, California and he listened in his radio of transistors that the latin-American of costa rican origin Franklin Chang-Díaz had been selected for the program of astronauts of the NASA andwould be the first Latin American in the space. His contribution in the Livermore National Laboratory in the decade of 1990s contributed in a new tool for the early detection of the breast cancer.The engineer of the NASA recalls exactly as he occurred: He found me cleaning with mattock a row of sugar beet in a field of cultivation near Stockton, California and I listened in the radio oftransistors that Franklin Chang-Díaz had been selected as the astronaut, says Hernández, that was a student of higher education in that time. Hernández quotes: Recalling the selection of theHispanic-American Franklin Chang-Díaz: That it was the moment in which I said 'I want to travel to the space'; since then, is something for which I have fought each day to do it. [2]
As one of the fourchildren of a family of migrant Mexican peasants, Hernández did not learn English until was 12 years old of age. It passed most of his infancy in which he calls the Circuit California travelling with hisfamily from Mexico to the south of California each March and working in the area of Stockton to November; harvesting strawberries and cucumbers in the farms along the route. Then they returned toMexico in Christmas and they initiated the cycle again in the following spring. Hernández tells some children can seem him amusing to travel, but I had to work and was not of holidays.
On the United...
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