La edad de tu cuerpo

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What´s your age? ____________
What´s your body age? _________
Do our quiz and find out

Read the questionnaire and circle your answers. Add or subtract years according toyour answers


1. How much do you walk a day?
a. a lot (-2) b. quite a lot (-1) c. not much (0) d. very little (+1)
2. How much sport and exercise doyou do a week?
a. a lot (-2) b. quite a lot (-1) c. a little (0) d. none (+2)


3. How much fast food (processed and pre-prepared do you eat?
a. I eattoo much (+2) b. I eat quiet a lot (+1) c. I don´t eat much (0) d. I don´t eat any (-1)
4. How many portions of fruit and vegetables do you eat per day?
a. only a few(+1) b. quite a lot (-1) c. a lot (-2)
5. How much water do you drink?
a. a lot (-2) b. quite a lot (-1) c. a little (+1)
6. What´s your worst diet habit?
a. I eat toomuch fat (+1) b. I eat (or drink) too many sweet things (+1) c. I eat (or drink) too much (+2) d. none of these (0)


7. How many cigarettes do you smokea day?
a. none (-3) b. a few (+1) c. a lot (+5)
8. How would you describe yourself mentally?
a. I am a very positive person (-3) b. I am not positive enough (+1) c.I´m quite pessimistic (+2)
9. How would you describe your stress level?
a. I am too stressed(+3) b. I am stressed, but it´s under control(0) c. I am quite relaxed(-2)
10.How often do you wear sunscreen?
a. all year (-2) b. only when I´m on holiday (0) c. when it´s sunny (-1)


11. How many close friends do you see regularly?a. a lot (-2) b. quite a lot (-1) c. a few (0) d. not many/none (+2)
12. How much time do you have for yourself?
a. none (+2) b. not enough (+1) c. quite a lot (-1)
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