La leyenda del jinete sin cabeza

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The story is development in the nineteenth century in New York, in a valley called Sleepy Hollow, this is clearly presented to its inhabitants as practically most farmers, orfarmers, many of them originating in or descent in Holland. The inhabitants of this place, are clearly Puritans, so they know or are in some ways the teachings of Cotton Mather, that case can be showit with the all unexplained events that have the nature they ascribe to spells witches and apparitions.

Ichabod Crane: He was the school and choir teacher in sleepyhollow, described him as a tall man and strong features but also graceful and flexible, to which one adds the fact of being too superstitious, a believer of ghosts and spells, in addition was a expertabout Cotton Mather and his teachings. He was a man who because of their knowledge and gallantry was admired by all, especially by the ladies who always cooked and cared for him. Ichabod was in love withKatrina Van Tessel, and even more knowing they would inherit by marrying her. It was his rival Bont Van Brunt, as this was also intended to Katrina. Time after Katrina despise their courtshipintentions Ichabod was surprised by the Headless Horseman, whom after a wild chase was heard no more of it.
Katrina Van Tessel: She was the only daughter of wealthy, old Baltus Van Tassel, Ichabod she knewthat was his pupil in the choir. She is described as a girl of 18 a little bit plump, but very beautiful and talented, besides being somewhat flirtatious, and that because of his fame and wealth thatshe possessed her father had several suitors. At the end rejects Ichabod and eventually marries Brom Van Brunt.
Brom Van Brunt: He was the hero and adventurer of Sleepy Hollow, was also the rivalIchabood that this pretended to Katrina. It was also known as Brom Bones because of his strength and skill in horsemanship. After get to know that Ichabod pretended to Katrina, he start to bother and...
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