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a apalabra

The purpose of the audio tracks is simply to get students to have a feel for the different Spanish sounds by listening to simple words.

Each track will have examples of words that either start with, or contain the indicated letter of the alphabet. The tracks are organized by three letters at a time. The words will be repeated along with their correspondingarticle and their meaning in English.

The last track is a short, simple narrative.

Listen to all the tracks and follow along reading or, better yet, repeating them as you see them in the script (the file named ‘PALABRAS’). Repeat them once or twice. Pay special attention to how the sounds and the letters relate to one another.

With the proper instructor and effort on your part, before youknow it, you will be enjoying the benefits of speaking the beautiful Spanish language.
Palabras con las Vocales:

|Con la letra “A” | | | | |
|banana |banana | |llama |flame, llama|
|mañana |tomorrow, morning | |cabaña |cottage |
|lata |tin can | |mamá |mom |
|hasta |until | |papá|dad |
|ala |wing | |amar |to love |

|Con la letra “E” | | | | |
|bebé |baby| |Mercedes |Mercedes (name) |
|eje |axle | |leer |to read |
|meter |to put in | |Pepe |Pepe (nickname) |
|beber|to drink | |leche |milk |

|Con la letra “I” | | | | |
|vivir |to live | |chiquito|little boy |
|sí |yes | |lindo |pretty |
|líquido |liquid | |ídolo |idol |
|infinito |infinite| |inicial |initial |
|límite |limit | |piscina |swimming pool |

|Con la letra “O” | | | | |
|oso|bear | |foto |photo |
|loco |crazy | |todo |all |
|coco |coconut | |codo |elbow...