La pobreza en colombia

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  • Publicado : 8 de noviembre de 2010
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Since Dominique Cottez was charged by killing eight of her newborns, the international community has been very concerned about regarding thesemurders as crimes or problems related to psychological affairs. These crimes have been really shocking due to the special bonds we consider there are between mothers and their newborns. But even thoughmany people think this kind of murders belongs more to the psychological field than the legal one, others have strong arguments to consider it as an infanticide. Truth is that when a mother commitssuch an act several times, it is all about a crime and therefore it should be punished.

Women commonly do not have their babies to kill them afterwards. To our knowledge mothers do not set up theirpregnancies to get rid of their offspring. It is said this behavior is more related to a case of mental disease suffering; however, it is a life someone takes, a baby’s life that is incapable toprotect his own life or to cause the mother such hassle as to deserve being killed.

Most women who are afflicted with pregnancy denial, nevertheless, are aware of their condition. This way is hard totake a stand in their favor since if they have this clinical setting; they should take a medical treatment so that they could not commit these infanticides over and over again. The internationalcommunity has been dumbstruck by knowing about the eight tiny bodies found buried at the house of Dominique Cottrez. How can somebody apparently sane commit systematically these kinds of crimes withoutgetting a legal punishment?.
Despite the fact that some psychologists explain this disease as a mental disorder, the public find difficult to assimilate it as such. A rational person would find hard tobelieve how Véronique Courjault, could kill and hide two of her newborns in the fridge for a long period of time without any premeditation. The more we learn about this problem, the less value life...
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