La rebelion d la granja

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RFS CompactLine® 2 ft Microwave Antennas
New Feed Design Provides Extraordinary Pattern Performance
• Re-designed for Improved Electrical Performance FCCPart 101 Category "A" and ETSI EN 300833 compliant. Ideal for microwave licensed backhaul applications • Superior Electrical Performance - Low VSWR and superior pattern characteristics for reducedinterference • Short Shroud – Provides aesthetically pleasing profile • Rugged Construction Provides High Windload Survival windspeed – 155mph / 250 km/h Operational windspeed – 144 mph / 230 km/h Lessdeflection providing secure microwave links • Low Profile and Weight Pleasing environmental effect Reduces tower windloading Reduces shipping costs Reduces Installation costs • Rigorous Testing – Forsafe and reliable long-term operation • Versatility – Available in integrated antenna configurations with several equipment manufacturers’ radios

RFS has redesigned its 2 ftCompactLine SB2 family of antennas. The new enhanced SB2 antenna provides reduced side lobe levels and superior front-to-back and gain performance, ensuring that CompactLine SB2 antennas are compliant withperformance specifications of both FCC Category A and ETSI EN 300833 'High performance' standards (where applicable). The enhanced performance of the CompactLine SB2 is extraordinary. These antennas areclearly the market leader in terms of gain performance in the low-profile antenna category. CompactLine antennas utilize a unique feed which permits significantly reduced shroud length and a lowerprofile, while maintaining ultra-high performance characteristics. These antennas offer a cost effective solution with pleasing environmental effects. They are specially designed for high mechanicalstability and excellent electrical performance. They are also lighter in weight for reduced tower loading, reduced installation costs and reduced shipping costs, providing outstanding value to the user....
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