La revolucion industrial y los trabajadores

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  • Publicado : 18 de mayo de 2011
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María Paula Moreno 9°a Nov./16/2010

Referent:Industrial revolution as a negative aspect for workers.
* -Opening paragraph.
* -Changes that machines brought for the workers.
* -Trade unions.
* -Socialism and Karl Marx.* -Closing paragraph.

Industrial Revolution as a negative aspect for Workers

According to the text “A little History of the World”, written by Ernest Gombrich, the Industrial Revolution wasa period of time that had a slow process of development. The creation of every single machine consisted first, in elaborating a concrete idea about any new invent, and then, making that innovativeidea put into practice. When these ideas began to worked, many machines began to appear, making the old techniques disappear. For example, when the spinning and weaving machines were created, the clothstopped being woven by artisans. Their work was made a lot faster, helping factory owners save the money that before was spent in the hand workers. This lead to a terrible period for the working class,because they were pay too little for hard and long hours of work. Some of them began making trade unions, to ask for better pay. Also, the idea of socialism began to be created, thinking that thesolution for the working class crisis was the equality of rights of the whole community.
In accordance with the page “”, the working class was the mostaffected because of the industrial revolution. They had to experience many changes in their lives in a short period of time. “Many people were forced to work at the new factories. This required them tomove to towns and cities so that they could be close to their new jobs. It also meant that they made less money for working longer hours” ( Workers...
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