La sexualidad adolescente

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In order to safeguard the security of all BP employees and contractor/agency staff, BP undertakes vetting checks prior to enabling candidates to commence employment. The checks indicated below will be conducted in relation to the position being applied for:

|Type of Vetting Check|Check to be |
| |conducted |
|Vetting level 3a – applies as standard to all new hires to BP IST: ||
|1/ Eligibility to work check |( |
|2/ Address verification – to cover the previous 3 years |( |
|3/ Verify work (including periods of self employment/unemployment over3 months) and/or educational history for the preceding 5 years |( |
|e.g., confirm previous employer; dates of employment; position held or confirm educational history where candidate is a school leaver. | |
|4/ Verification of highest level educational qualification |(|
|5/ Verification of professional memberships and qualifications |( |
|6/ Financial probity check – to cover the previous 3 years |( |
|Vetting level 3b - applies to certain roles:| |
|7/ UK Directorship check (to identify past, present and disqualified directorships) | |
|8/ UK Criminality check – Standard CRB| |
|9/ International Sanctions List check | |
|10/ Bank of England check | |

I understand that it may be a criminal offence toattempt to obtain employment by deception and that any misrepresentation, omission of a material fact or deception will be cause for immediate cancellation of consideration for employment, or dismissal or disciplinary action if already employed. I hereby authorise The Security Watchdog Screening Bureau, an independent agent acting on behalf of BP, to verify information provided by me on my DataCollection Form, which may include sensitive personal data for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the obtaining of documents and/or information covered by the European Directive 95/46 and/or by applicable domestic data protection legislation. I authorise The Security Watchdog Screening Bureau to perform reference checks of my employment, including current employment (current employerswill only be checked in the event that I have accepted an offer of employment with BP). I hereby understand and accept that, due to the global nature of BP’s operations and those of its service providers and agents, this data may be sent and processed outside the United Kingdom in a country without specific data protection laws (details of the countries involved will be provided on request). I...
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