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  • Publicado : 31 de enero de 2012
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Adolescents and Society
Teens today face different issues than their parents dealt with. Some issues are the same, including peer pressure, alcohol and drug use, but due to changes in technology,teens today also face cyber-bullying and social media scandals. Parents and teachers need to be aware of issues that adolescents face in order to help to prevent serious problems.

1. Peer Pressure
Todaythe teens struggle to fit in, figure out who they really are and how to make decisions that go against what their friends are doing.
Many teens joke about peer pressure, teens are influenced by whattheir friends say, do and wear. This is a real and daily problem.
When a teen has positive role models and friends, this can be a good thing, but when an adolescent's closest group of friends usesalcohol and drugs, and makes other risky decisions, it can be extremely harmful.

2. Weight and Self-esteem
Teen obesity rates in America and Puerto Rico are on the rise.
Many teens struggle withunhealthy eating habits and need more information about healthful eating and exercise.
Some teens become self-conscious about their bodies, even if they're at a healthy weight. This can lead to eatingdisorders, depression and low self-esteem.

3. Bullying
No matter when you grew up, some teens bullied other teens. But, most of the time, the teens that were being bullied could get away from it whenthey got home.
Now, teens can write mean things about other teens on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. They can also send each other nasty emails and text messages. TeensHealth reports that bullying makes some teens afraid to go to school. Now, it also makes teens afraid to check their email and cell phone messages.
I would suggest that more guidance should be given toparents or schools to detect teen that suffer from it or are those that promote bullying. Learn more about how to detect bullying is very important.

The impact of social changes on...
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