La vida es dura

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Good morning, my name is Jessica Martinez and I like many have a dream of becoming a pediatrician. Being with avid students who have career goals you ever thought about the fact that, nobody’s perfect? There is not one person in this world who has not felt pain. I know we have all had obstacles that either bring us down or make us stronger. The benefit to these obstacles is thatwe have to acknowledge that they test our ability to stand tall rather than fall into pieces. Luckily I have not given up on life and have overcome many obstacles that to others would be too much to handle. I consider myself a strong woman although I do cry. My life experiences have made me stronger both physically and mentally, therefore I am here to say that I am without a doubt a pioneer forthose who look up to me such as my sister and both my parents. My fear is letting all those who believe in me down. It is because of this that I must confront my problems of an accomplished individual. I am currently in this AVID program, where everybody has a dream of becoming a somebody in life. I will accomplish my dream.
Personal Background
At the age of three I was brought to live in theUnited States. I have not met my whole family do to the fact that I am not a legal resident in this country All my relatives live in Mexico except my 11 year old sister who was born at East Los Angeles. As of t now, I live with my mom, her boyfriend Jesus, my little sister, and a tenant. According to many I am a friendly, caring person. So far this year I have attended three different high schools inCalifornia from very diverse locations and people. Right now, I have a loving boyfriend who cares for me and helps me in any way possible, and for that I am grateful. I also try to stay involved in school as much as possible when it comes to extracurricular activities. I am satisfied with who I am because my mom cherishes me and tell me that I was a gift sent from heaven. My life has not beenperfect though, I have had many downfalls, like the separation of my parents.
Challenge/Obstacle 1 Parent’s Separation
CD/CM My whole world changed when I was 13 years old. I remember that day as if it were yesterday. That day when all my walls seemed to chatter into a million tiny pieces. That day, as I was stepping out of the bathroom I saw my dad; at first I did not recognize him since I hadnever seen him in such a state. He was thrown on the floor and looked at me with red eyes full of pain and anger. I quickly spotted his beer on his right hand, something rare to me. I felt this horrible sensation in me as I bent to comfort him and he refused, telling me, “Es toda la culpa de tu madre, ella es la culpable, es una puta!”(It’s all your mom’s fault, she is at fault, she’s a hoe). I didnot know how to react or what to do but just simply try to hug him or give him some sort of warm affection that I knew people needed when they felt sadennened, but how do you deal with a angry saddened person who seems to have a desire to kill. That was not the end of it, as he tried to stand up, he had some news that I would have never expected, “ Ya estoy arto de todo esto, te quiero mucho hijitapero, ya me destrosaron y no puedo mas, esta sera la ultima ves que me vas a ver, me voy”(I am frustrated of this, I love u, but, I am destroyed and I can’t stand it anymore, this will be the last day you see me, I’m leaving). I turned to my mom and she too was filled with tears and told me to tell him not to go. I looked at him with questioning eyes, but then just fell into tears of hope that hemight change his mind if I beg him, but yet all my _____ was in vain since his mind was set. He constantly would declare that my mom was a hoe, slut, bitch and that he hated her. I was so confused and as he made his way to the door, my mom pleaded him to not make any dumb mistakes, that she was sorry and that she will do anything if he stayed. My mom’s tears did not seem to move him in any way....
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