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  • Publicado : 16 de noviembre de 2011
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Alexander Cuellar, Andrea Chavez, Mayerly Gamboa

Green energy is a term that describes the energy generated from primary energy sources environmentallyfriendly. Green energy are renewable energy and it´s not polluting, that is, is a method of production or use not issues that might affect products on the environment.
The world where we live is powered byenergy. Each daily action, at home, at work, at transport, industry, the energy is the engine that allows us to function. And every time we need more… But, are we aware of everything that´s in asimple light switch and the consequences of a light bulb actually?

* To present methods for the reducing the impact that energy generate at the world.
* Encourage people about therational use of the energy
This topic was chosen because it is important to know about the situation of the planet when we use the energy, causing an impact environmental, damaginghuman health and the environment.
All about The green energy, what is the mean? How can be used by the people?
Called green energy or renewable energy to the inputs of inexhaustible naturalsources, the environment because of the large quantity of energy they contain, between the energy is hydroelectric, wind, solar, geothermal, tidal, biomass and biofuels. Renewable sources of energy canbe divided into two categories: clean or clean and contaminants. Some energies that can avoid the contamination The sun, wind, rivers, seas, waves, the heat of the earth, mixing between freshwater andsaline (blue energy).

Although it is encouraging that the technology already exists to extract from sources as diverse as the sun, wind, tides, sugarcanebagasse, peel a banana and even the trash, the truth is necessary to go a long way before they become a real alternative to the global requirements. In terms of clean and renewable energy after...