La vida

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  • Publicado : 29 de agosto de 2012
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What two words so similar and yet so disgruntled. I find that hard to separate but clearly I have to be. I consult the dictionary, and says: Friendship: selfless affection. Love: affection person orthing. What? Is love interest perhaps? I wonder. Love, a day is and one is not. But ... Can we say the same of friendship? - No. - I would answer emphatically. You can be angry one day with a friend,but not fail to feel that friendship suddenly. Moreover, for two friends stop being friends with each other have to angry before, but for two people stop loving need not angry.
I see friendshipsuperimposed atop a pillar strong, thick, solid. And I see the love on top of a weak wire, fine, but that if a wire of precious gold ... here the metaphor of the strong friendship, strong friendship,lasting friendship ... in disappointment with the weak love. And why gold? Because gold is a precious metal that is worth a lot and changed by little, so I love me too.
A clear disappointment that I seealso between friendship and love is how they arise, which start. They are very different in this aspect. Friendship comes time, especially, you can not know a person and an hour later saying that isyour good friend, that you have a great friendship. But you can meet someone and feel like you are half hour crush on it. Love can come from a crush, friendship would undoubtedly be impossible to emergefrom an arrow.
Then we could make a difference very clear, undeniable on the road that follows each of our two conditions. Friendship is checked, do this: first you know, is like them, then believethe other is a unique person, later realize that not, are the defects and decreases for a moment of friendship, later the two people accept the flaws of others and re-strengthen friendship, andthereafter each day that passes that friendship is stronger. But ... the love ... the thing is this: the first is known, and in the case that the two correspond, one thinks the other is unique and...
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