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Course: English IV

Term: Fourth.
Frequency: 7 periods weekly
Type of course: Communicative and Academic Writing
Material: The InterActive Reader Plus Level 10
Responsibles for the programdesign: M.E.S Ricardo Briano
Lic. Paola Salvi
Lic. Roberta Desiree López Garza

Course Description:

In order to carry out successfully our current daily social life, it is necessary to take into consideration social, cultural, academic and professional aspects that students have to cope with and beable to perform effectively and responsibly in their own context. The Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León has seen to such demands; besides that, it has shown interest in helping its students develop successfully and professionally in his or her career. Therefore, modified and more effective courses have been implemented for each major. Today, the U.A.N.L. has established a Center forInvestigation and Development of Bilingual Education in order to help its students learn and acquire an efficient and effective education. Its purpose is also to make its students conscious about the social needs required to develop a better society.

Requirements to take this course:
1. To have passed the third term successfully
2. To have an advanced English level
3. To have thematerial required by the professor

General objective:

The student will be able to develop his or her academic language skills in an effective and fluent manner, taking into consideration the foreign language standards. He or she will use his prior knowledge in order to fully understand other cultures linked with the English language which should help him acquire fluency in readingand writing in order to analyze critically the content presented to him. Based on this analysis, the students will develop critical thinking and reflexive skills in order to interpret reading excerpts and be able to produce and generate the second language in an authentic, formal, and effective manner.


The Professor:

a) will help the students acquire thenecessary skills to express themselves correctly in an oral and written from. This being fluency and coherence.
b) will take the role as a facilitator and will also be able to handle the class discussions about a determined topic or theme.
c) will help the students learn and acquire useful knowledge for them to be able to express and share their ideas between theirpartners and the professor.
d) will provide the students with the sources to take this course.
e) if necessary, will explain grammar items and provide the students with the useful material in order to practice them.

The student:

a) will be able to understand the readings by using specific learning strategies.
b) will be willing to participate activelyindividually and in teams in the class discussions about a determined topic or theme.
c) will be responsible to bring to class his or her own book and workbook daily as a part of his or her class participation.
d) Will develop a research paper thorough all the semester. The student will need to develop a topic on their own and consult three sources minimum.

Contents:Unit 1 Reading Memoir

Objective: Students will be able to identify what mainly charaterizes a memoir. They will also be able to identify the tone that the author is using and the purposes for writing nonfiction such as informing, expressing ideas, giving opinions and feelings as well as entertaining. In addition, students will need to connect what they read with their own...
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