La vuelta al mundo en 80 días

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Tom won't be late... will he?
You're tired,...aren't you?
You've got a camera... haven't you?
you weren't listening.. were you?
Sue doesn't know Ann... does she?
Jack's on holiday... is nothe?
Ann's applied for the job... hasn't she?
You can speak German... can't you?
He won't mind if I use his phone... will he?
There are a lot of people here... aren't there?
let's go out tonight..shall it he?
this isn't very interesting... is it?
you're too impatient.. aren't you?
you wouldn't tell anyone... would you?
listen... will you?
I shouldn't have lost my temper... Should I?Don't drop that vase.. will you?
he'd never met her before... had he?

No, he's never late.
Yes, a little.
Yes, why? Do you want to barrow it?
Yes, I was.
No, they've never met
Yes, he's inPortugal.
Yes, but not very fluently.
No, of corse he won't.
Yes, more than I expected.
Yes, let's
No, not very
Yes, you are sometimes
No, of course not.
OK, I'm listening
No, but never mind
No,don't worry
No, that was the first time

these sausages are delicius, aren't they?.... They certainly are.
You haven't lived here long, have you?... No, only three months.
It's quite a biggarden, isn't it?... yes, there plenty of room.
There aren't many people here yet, are there?... No, but it's still quite early.
You're Rachel's friend, aren't you?... Yes, I'm Vicky.
We can sit onthe grass, can't we?... i think it's dry enough.
The weather forecast wasn't very good, was it?... No, it wasn't.

Emma: You don't really want to go out with me any more, do you?
mattew: Ofcourse I do. But I need a bit of time to myself sometimes.
Emma: You get plenty of time to yourself, did she?
Mattew: Emma, you know what I feel for you.
i've told you enough times, haven't I?Emma: Yes, you have. And you're quite happy, aren't you?
You don't mind, did you?
the situation doesn't bother you, does it?
Mattew: Why are we arguing? There's nothing to argue about, is there?...
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