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They grew up in a religious home. Their parents are Denise Miller and Paul Kevin Jonas they were Christian musicians. They lived in New Jersey when in November 5 1987 Kevin Jonas was born.1989:
Then they moved to Casa Grande Arizona, in Agust 15 1989 Joseph Jonas was born.
In September 16 1992 the younger of the group Nicholas Jonas was born in Dallas Texas, they was the musicgenius he listened all kind of music, country, pop, rock, classic.
He played the drums, piano, guitar, violin, bass, and oboe.
They continue singing, and then they moved again to New Jerseyin 1996, their father Paul Kevin Jonas was the pastor and Joe nick and Kevin sang with him in the church, Nick and Joe sang and Kevin played the guitar as they do now.
At the age of 6 Nickwas discovered, he was singing in a hair parlor and a costumer heard him and told her mother Denise miller that he must go see a manager, she gave her the name of a manager Shirley Grant and Denise tookNicholas with her.
They hired Nicholas and his brothers Joe and Kevin too.
When Nicholas has 7 years old he started to act in Broadway, he acted in many plays.

(no hay año)
Then Joedecided to act in Broadway too in the operating “La Boheme”.
The Jonas brothers started on TV making commercials, they were so busy that their parents decided to give them classes at home.

Inautumn 2002 Nicholas composed a song for the Christmas album, he wrote all the song just in the time his father was driving to their house.
Two months later Paul, his father, gave a copy of the songto a guy in the music business that someone recommended to him. He surprised about Nick and then they signed with Nicholas, a Christian discography.
One year later Nick worked on his 1stChristian pop album.
On September 2004 his first single “Dear God” came out but it wasn’t as good as they expected .
The radio said: it is too Christian and the Christian radio said: it needs...
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