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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2012
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Carmen Ruiz Doria----T00033162

GREETING: gerund from greet. Saludar. Pamela is greeting Mr. Rodriguez.
BOW: common substantive. Moña. Rebecca has a red bow in her hair.
SHAKEHANDS: verb. Estrechar las manos. Pedro shakes hands with me.
HUG: verb. Abrazar. Mother gave me a big hug.
GREET: verb. Saludar. It is polite to greet people when you see them.
BUSINESS:common substantive. Negocio. A business is the work a person does to get money to live.
AROUND: preposition. Alrededor. Carlos ran quickly around the house.
MATTER: common substantive.Materia. What matter will we talk about?
COLLEAGUE: common substantive. Colega. Janet is a nurse, she is my colleague.
BEHAVE: verb. Comportarse. Father says that boy must behave like a gentleman.AGREE: verb. Aceptar. She will never agree to it.
MAYBE: adverb. Tal vez. It may be in your birthday.
CLIMB: noun. Subida. There is a climb to arrive to Sincelejo.
GO SIGHTSEEING: verb.Hacer turismo. I would like traveling by bus to go sightseeing.
TRY: verb. Probar. If I want to buy my clothes, I must try it.
YET: adverb. Todavía. Carol has not finished yet speaking in thecell.
ALREADY: adverb. Ya. Carol already finished her homework.
MEANINGS: Noun. Significados. I have to understand the meanings.
KIND: adjective. Amable. Carmen is very kind.
HUGGING:gerund from hug. Abrazar. I want pass hugging you.
SURPRISED: adjective. Sorprendido. Father is surprised with me.
WRONG: adjective. Malo. It is wrong to lie.
FIND: verb. Encontrar. Johnhas to find a love.
BLOODY: adjective. Sangrienta. We are in a bloody fight to win.
BLOODSHED: noun. Matanza . There was bloodshed in the hill
WORNIED: noun. Preocupacion. They are worried byme
HELPFUL: adjective. Util. we study hard to be helpful to humanity
UNFORGETTABLE: Adjective. Inolvidable. You body is unforgettable.
FUNNY: adjective. Divertido. My dog is very funny...
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