Lack of resources

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  • Publicado : 3 de septiembre de 2012
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There are not enough resources to support our growing economy
Our society and economy are based and sustained by resources. Everything we create and use has a natural resource behind, it can be a renewable resources or a non renewable resource. Renewable resources grow or appear again after we use them, they are always growing. But non renewable resources aren’t. And we have developed usingthose resources. We have used a lot of them and now there’s only a little left. We don’t know how to do things using other types of resources, so we have a really big problem. It happens all the time, even while you read this.
Our society and economy are based in non renewable resources, or fossil fuels. Since the industrial revolution, our society has grown a lot thanks to fossil fuels. We usedthese fuels to develop because they were easy to extract and refine. Our society and economy are almost completely fossil fuel dependant. The fossil fuel we mainly use to create products, energy and to continue with our lifestyle is oil. Lots of things come from petroleum, crude oil. Its main derives are: fuels, like gasoline or heating oil, heavy bottoms, like asphalt, and petrochemicals.Petrochemicals are essential in our life. They are used in the production of plastics, fibers, synthetic rubber, vinyl, ethylene glycol and styrene. These products are used for the creation of countless products, like plastic gadgets, hand lotions, candles, rubber, perfume, textile fibers (made of polyester), paint, etc (1). Heavy bottoms, like asphalt are also essential in our city’s distribution. It’sused for paving roads, creating recreation areas, creating barn and greenhouse floor (2) and for building houses floors, roofs, pipes, tiles, and for making materials waterproofed (3). We also use petroleum for our agriculture systems: for artificial fertilizers and pesticides creation, processing and packing food, and for transporting it all around the world (4).But what we use petrol or petroleummostly is for transportation. Transportation demands 62% of the total oil used buy the world every year, and its 95% reliant on petroleum products (except for railways, which use electricity). We don’t only use petrol as fuels to make the vehicles work, but as energy for creating the vehicles, and building infrastructure for vehicles to move on. Land transportation is the one who requires moreenergy, 85% of the total energy used for transport. Maritime transportation requires 7% and air transportation requires 8% (5).
Our economy keeps demanding more resources each year. This happens because our society and economy keeps growing, and this means we need to use more energy and resources to live. That’s why the demand of resources keeps growing. As well as the demand of energy, food,vehicles, water, products and many other things. From year 2009 to year 2010 the world population grew in 75,772,948 people (6). And the oil demand grew in 2.378,02 thousand barrels per day (7). The electricity demand grew in 450 kilowatts per day (8) .As you can see if the amount of people in the world grows, so does the demand of energy and resources, because they need more of them to be able tolive.
The resources in which our society has based its development are disappearing. This resources are non renewable, so this means they take thousands of years to be created. Most fossil fuels, like oil, coal and natural gas are dead animals or plants, accumulated and transformed. They take hundreds of thousands of years to transform into fossil fuels. We have used a lot of the world’s resources,but we have used the ones that were easy to extract and that didn’t need to be refined (9). So now we have left the fossil fuels that are difficult to get to, so we have to invest more energy to extract them. That makes them less energy efficient as well. There is a lot of coal left (847 billion tones) (10), but the demand of coal will increase a lot in the years to come, because there will be no...
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