Lack water

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  • Publicado : 28 de octubre de 2010
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Lack water in Mexico and the United States

The study, led by a scientist from NASA and the University of California, Los Angeles, investigates the interaction between the snowmelt in the basin of the river and the desert dust settles on it.
According to their findings, the spring thaw occurs now three weeks earlier than 150 years ago, when there was no settlement in the city thatdisturb the soil.
As a result, the proportion of annual thaw, on average, more than 5% lower than then.
To calculate this data, scientists used advanced hydrological models, and examined the impact of dust deposits related to human activity in the period between 1915 and 2003.
In addition, studied sediment cores from lakes in the region and found that the amount of dust that fell in the RockyMountains rose to between 500 and 600% in the late nineteenth century, when farms began to emerge in the region.
The scientists found that the snow loses its ability to reflect sunlight when combined with dust particles, and melt before setting the plants into the atmosphere and causing them to also lose water.
Specifically, they calculated that each year we lose 993 cubic decimeters in thisprocess of exhalation, enough to supply Los Angeles for 18 months.
This could have "huge implications" for the 27 million people living in the two states of Mexico (Baja California and Sonora) and in seven United States (Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming and California ) through which flows the River.

Gandhi's example

Gandhi is a great character, not its size butfor its value as a person and the greatness of his soul. Always fought for peace and led a movement that won independence for his country peacefully, without using weapons.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi born in Porbandar, India, in the year 1869. It was a noble boy, dressed in an elegant way. He divided his time between school and home, his life went quiet except for the ghosts. The little I was soscared that in order to drive them away, every night fervently recited hymns of the Hindu religion.

Since he was seven years old, his parents planned their wedding: Mohandas marry a girl of noble family. This is because in Hindu culture and are used. Thus, at thirteen had to marry Kasturbai Makanji who proved to be a caring and faithful wife. Four years later, had their first child.

At 17,he traveled to England to study the legal profession. It was not difficult to adapt to life in this country, learned the language and came to adapt to some of their customs, however, had a problem: In a place where most food is meat, it was very difficult to be vegetarian.

Moreover, in this country, some theologians asked to read a sacred Hindu text called the Bhagavad-Gita in its originallanguage. One of the ideas of this reading changed forever the way they act: "The man is carried away by the attraction to material things and unable to give up their wishes, he loses his spirit and his own being." ...


Candidates fail the test

We are suffering the dismal performance of the authorities at all levels of government because we have failed to select them. This has beenleading to a total insecurity, incompetence, corrupt enrichment and inexplicable, considering that at any moment we have implemented the recruitment prubebas the rulers and servants. Because that are being: Village employees.

These search-chamber they lack discretion and common sense, because they have been chosen from a clique of self-anointed Poland, supported by very expensive advertisingcampaigns that fall into our pocket. We are paying dearly for being poorly managed and governed. And it is not enough to vote, simply because there is nothing to choose from.

How is it possible that an employee of a maquiladora is made complicated psychological screening tests, and technical capacity to give a paltry minimum wage job? So, why even a candidate for public servant is not applying the...
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