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  • Publicado : 9 de enero de 2012
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ESSAY: If you don’t think in this, you don’t thinking


A key factor which has been pursued in agriculture is to ensure that all practices of agroindustry follow a path that falls under theconcept of “sustainable development”. It is highly impossible to consider the process of modern development if man does not integrate this concept into its agricultural practices. In agriculture,sustainable development is only considered when it is beneficial to the integrated factors and project participants over a long period of time (1). To achieve sustainable development at global levels it isnecessary that the institutions which take part in projects involving the environment contribute proactively to exert environmentally friendly actions under the limits which are permitted. It istherefore essential to have appropriate regulations from the various tax organizations to stop the misuse of the environment. Sustainable development is a comprehensive process that requires the consciousparticipation of various players, where they are demanded to follow commitments and responsibilities in the implementation of their productive resources. Strictly speaking, if the various agroindustrycompanies label themselves with the name “sustainable development”, they must be thoroughly consistent with their actions. The definition of sustainability refers to processes which can be sustainedindefinitely without diminishing their material or energy resources (2). Consequently, it is necessary that the use of resources in the present may be available for use in future generations.Therefore to understand sustainability, it is important to include three factors into the decision making: economic, social and environmental (3). This implies moving from a development thought inquantitative (economic growth) to a development thought in qualitative - in other words, when the three socio-ecologic dimensions are integrated into the concept of sustainability. It is for this reason that...
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