Lady gaga; why or why not she merits one week of discussion during a course of sociology

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  • Publicado : 6 de diciembre de 2011
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Reaction Paper: Why or why not Lady Gaga merits one week’s time discussion.
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known in the pop culture as “Lady Gaga”, has caused a revolution in popculture and in professions related to sociology. Her unique style of music and hypermodern spectacles created an innovation and recombination of music genre. In only three years since the release of herfirst album (08-11) she reached many top ranking in pop music, earn many awards and make a world tour called “The monster ball”. This is not only Lady Gaga, it is a group of people working together foran impact in music and global culture reaching the fame with a girl that has a unique story from a place that many people calls the “The capital of the world”, New York. This sound like many historyof American culture is involved.
Stefani’s talent such as writing, producer, singer and hard worker make her a great artist. For me she has an artistic or maybe can be called “natural” skills forcontroversy and from controversy many magazines and paparazzi lives for. This causes an economic entrance, also marketing movement, for companies or people that dedicate their lives to criticize thelife of polemic artist. This shows how the rights mix of product, price, placement and promotion help to position a brand on the market. I think that a company’s most important competitive weapon todayis not its product, but its brand. For Lady Gaga this has been natural from the beginning, and this is why she has such rocketing career. Lady Gaga is not a product; she is a brand and a brand ofsubstance. That is why I called it a movement because people can be sustained just analyzing, arguing or maybe following the innovations in spectacles of Lady Gaga.
Also such unique style, clothes,show, dance and art, Lady Gaga gives her audience incredible performance and experiences. Not only her audience speaks of those experiences, they talk about things surrounding Lady Gaga myths,...