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  • Publicado : 10 de junio de 2011
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“My vacation”
At the house
We went on vacation with my family,"Villamil Playas" where Wife and I stayed 6 days, we were in my grandmother's house where there are four bedrooms, there are two bathrooms, there is a garage, there is also akitchen and has got a ideal dining room, but there isn't a sitting room, there is also a corridor between my parent's room and my brother's room, the house has got a backgarden but there isn't a swimming pool, in the garden there is a door to go outside.
"My room has got a big window, your curtains are white, from the window you can see theback garden, the walls are white, opposite to the door there is a bed, to the left of the bed there are two libraries, in a library there are many books; and in other onethere are any DVD movies, there is a television and DVD player; and next I have got a desk, on the desk there is a pc."

At the beach

There are many hotels aroundthe beach; there are also many places to eat. My family and I love the sea, I built a sand casthes, and there are a lot of tents but there are a few empty tents.
I saw manytourists in “Villamil playas”; this place is noisy but very entertaining.
There are many people playing in the sand, families and friends having a fun time. There are nofriends playing soccer, playing volleyball and also another sunbathing on the sand

At the night
There are some restaurants that are popular; there are also manydiscotheques where young people and tourists are more attracted, there are not stadium and museum, but there are some hot dog stands.
My family and I had fun on this vacation.
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