Latin america

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  • Publicado : 12 de mayo de 2011
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Lac 315

Santo Domingo had a bad situation of money and production after the war of the reconquest. Spain had to bring some help to Spanish. However, the economic situation and the productionsdid not get well. Even thought Spain tried to help Santo Domingo by letting Urreita, a governor from peninsula, arrived to Santo Domingo and change the paper money and used coins to improve theeconomy, the plan did not work. The bad situations of Santo Domingo affect the stability of the militaries. In that case, the French were able to invade Santo Domingo. The Haitians were thinking that ifSpanish were in a bad situation, they will give the support to the French to recover their lost colony. The Haiti was refuse to the problem because then it would be impossible to them to get theirindependence by getting the entire island for them. The president from Haiti had the opportunity to prepare his militaries. There were a rumor that the president from Haiti, Boyer, was the one who inventthat the French wanted to get to Santo Domingo. He did that to unite the mulattos with the Haiti and get control of Santo Domingo. Santo Domingo had to accept the Haitian in their part of the islandbecause the Haiti had the domination. As Boyer said that if he got the power, he will grant the freedom to the black people. However, that was a problem because without people to work in the land ofSanto Domingo, there aren’t any productions. His ideas were to make laws so in that way the people had to work in their own lands or in others people lands. However, all the effort that Boyer did toget the part of Santo Domingo did not work. Boyer was elite after several groups that were against him made him leave from the island.
Although Santo Domingo was in a difficult situation, Cubanand Puerto Rico were having the most wonderful time by the good management of sugar and coffee production. However, by the control of the Spanish, Cuba production of sugar started to decrease after...
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